Photography without compromise

Recognised as one of the UK's leading lighting experts, Christian Hough pushes the boundaries of creative photography, producing highly polished and eye-catching images. His work has been published globally in the some of most recognised journals and books. Christian continues to work closely with clients, helping forge their ideas and concepts, and bringing their visuals to life through beautiful photography.

Whilst the world of media is increasingly changing, Christian retains the fundamental principles of business: competitive and open pricing, timely delivery and outstanding quality.

"I produce polished and stylish photography, with a twist or quirk to grab the viewer's attention. I am absolutely committed to what I do and my whole photographic career is about producing photographs that count. 

I like to spend time looking and understanding, but also like to feel 

the moment for inspiration, spontaneity and drama. I prefer to work with an assistant and creative team to draw ideas and projects together and make your project a complete success."

What to Expect

Photography without compromise, style, experience, enthusiasm and help from a creative team. Exciting and beautiful images to enhance your brand or business, that get you noticed and give you an edge on the competition.


I currently shoot using a combination of Hasselblad and Canon camera systems for outstanding digital image quality and flexibility.

All images are meticulously processed though Adobe Photoshop.


If you would like to discuss a forthcoming project or need advice, then you can contact Christian here:

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